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I’m Andrew Dormand and I’m the founder and principal designer at Dormand Design. My passion is helping clients’ brands realise their full potential in terms of positioning, reach and visual impact. I’m a creative ally and lead designer for several marketing consultancies, and I help extend the capabilities of design studios in many small businesses. View some recent projects and get in touch.

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The three key areas in which I can be of assistance to small businesses and marketing consultancies are regarding Brand Strategy, Brand Design and Brand Execution. When these three disciplines are brought together in a meaningful and considered way, the resulting brand’s visual presence in the market is unforgettable.

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I follow some amazing designers on Instagram and am in awe of their work. I’m equally blown away by the street art and design I see walking around the streets of Sydney and other parts of the world when I’m lucky enough to travel. Here are some designers and pieces of work that inspire me.

Branding and rebranding, 10 lessons learned

With over 20-years marketing and branding experience, we’ve learned a thing or two from both working within agencies and visual communications businesses, as-well-as heading up branding teams for large corporates.

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The Fellas

Every now and then as a designer I get the opportunity to work on something that has personal meaning. As someone who spent the second half of the 80’s and

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Insane 51

Insane 51 is a 26-year-old Greek muralist based in Athens, one of the pioneers of 3D art. I find the work of this talented kid very inspirational. He clearly has

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If you’d like to have a chat that’s all about your brand and your vision, get in touch.