Evolution or revolution? To evolve with changing times is important for businesses that wish to remain relevant. The reasons I have been engaged to rebrand companies are many and varied, sometimes it’s to reposition the business in order to attract a wider audience, sometimes it’s to foster a heightened sense of pride and confidence, and sometimes it’s to do a soft relaunch and in doing so, reassess pricing policies etc.

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To affect meaningful change to any brand we first must isolate the issue that has prompted the rebrand. Once this issue has been defined we can begin to consider options and ways in which it may be resolved. If it’s a simple matter of having outgrown the brand look I can address that by evolving the design, modernising and sometimes reducing the amount of assets and focussing on quality not quantity. In instances where there is a resistance to wholesale change due to prominent brand recognition in the market, a more nuanced approach is needed.


Have you reached the point where you are pitching for larger projects? Perhaps your staff has grown with many younger people and you’re starting to get the feeling that they regard the brand as a bit “tired”? It’s important that your brand grows with you. Change in business isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity, and innovative, striking design and branding is intrinsic to success in 2023.

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