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Launching a new brand requires a thorough understanding of your business. Everything from why you’re starting, what you want to achieve and what makes you different needs to be analysed when deciding on which direction is best for your brand. I have over 20 years’ experience in bringing new and old brands to life. We need firstly to deep dive into your business and clarify your purpose, define your audience in order to craft the right visual style and tone of voice to that speaks to your audience in an authentic way.

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A brand is a lot more than just a logo. A great brand is defined by its purpose, its mission, and the audience to which it speaks. It is also defined by the person or people behind it, their story and why they want to do what they want to do. With an authentic story and strong narrative as a foundation, the foundation is set for a world-class brand to be created.

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The only way meaningful visual communications are made is by first having a sound understanding of who we are talking to. This will guide the over-arching look and feel of the brand, whether its tone is funny, serious, corporate, funky or playful etc. With this understanding I can create a brand look and feel that both reflects the core values of the brand and reaches out to the target audience in an authentic and innovative way.

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This is where the real fun begins! In close collaboration with you, I design and develop your new brand. Your vision writ large for the world to see. Your unique corporate identity that will visually encompass your values and ambitions and one that your audience will receive loud and clear and share with their friends and colleagues. 


The reasons I have been engaged to rebrand companies are many and varied, sometimes it’s to reposition the business in order to attract a wider audience, sometimes it’s to foster a heightened sense of pride and confidence, and sometimes it’s to do a soft relaunch to drive further growth or attract a new type of customer.

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To affect meaningful change to any brand we first must isolate the current issue that has prompted the rebrand. Once this issue has been defined we can begin to consider options and ways in which it may be resolved. If it’s a simple matter of having outgrown the brand look I can address that by evolving the design all the while keeping the brand’s core values in mind. In instances where there is a resistance to wholesale change due to good brand recognition in the market, a more subtle approach is needed.


Have you reached the point where you are pitching for larger projects? Perhaps your staff has grown with many younger people and you’re starting to get the feeling that they regard the brand as a bit “tired”? It’s important that your brand grows with you. Change in business isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity, and innovative, striking design and branding is intrinsic to success in 2023.

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