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White Box Analytics is a young and vibrant Sydney based data analytics firm. White Box collects and interprets their clients data and create compelling data visualisations that turn their data assets into an accessible high-impact reporting tool that helps them make fast and effective decisions.

Brand Design / Logo Design / Brand Positioning / Imagery Design / Art Direction / Brand Story /  Brand Guidelines / Rebrand / Brand Refresh

THE creative BRIEF

The White Box Analytics brand was tired and in need of updating in order to bring it in line with the type of service they provide their clients. The client expressed a desire for the new brand to feel dynamic and engaging. The word “Transparency” kept coming up in our meetings in regard to how they conduct business. 

Together with the idea of the “white box” the logo I designed reflects these ideas. The brand asset that is the transparent hexagon was then developed as a device to reinforce the brand visually.

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