Zonda is the umbrella company for several sub brands including Zonda Care and Zonda People. The brand primarily recruited for the aged care industry. Formally known as Building Careers, the recruitment company needed a rebrand, repositioning and renaming. I was brought in by Think Marketing to firstly conduct a brand audit on the company and then move forward with the full re brand.

Brand Design / Logo design / Brand Positioning / Naming / Art Direction / Brand Story / Messaging / Brand Guidelines / Signage and Environmental / Tone of Voice 

THE creative BRIEF

After much conversation and research was done the new name Zonda was created. Derived from the word sonder meaning everybody’s experience is equally valuable, once the name was dicided upon I created the logo and branding.

Extensive brand guidelines were developed and following that all brand communications, website, merchandise, posters for internal used, print ads and socials plus more.

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