Newbook is a young and vibrant company based in Brisbane that has developed an all encompassing, innovative property management platform that provides owners of caravan and camping sites with all the tools to help them ensure a seamless experience for they’re guests.

Rebrand Roll Out / Brand Design / Signage and Environmental / Print / Brochure Design / Brand Assets

THE creative BRIEF

Newbook had recently got through a rebrand and repositioning. The innovative company is making inroads into the lucrative American campaign and caravan site market and needed to be sure their brand look and feel was fit for purpose. 

Newbook engaged Dormand Design to help them with rolling out their brand new brand. A concise brand guidelines document had already been developed which meant I had all the tools necessary to collaboratively develop a raft of brand communications including large format wall decals for the office, info packs, brand assets for the website and trade show signage.

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